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About Me

My love for candles began when I moved out of home. Not all rental accommodation is made equal and so the ability of a candle to transform a room into a space that is warm and inviting had me hooked! However, as a student, backpacker and young professional I usually chose the cheapest candles with the most delicious fragrances. These are generally made from paraffin and invariably resulted in lots of wall scrubbing to remove black soot in preparation for flat inspections and moving day.

In a bid to rid my life of soot covered walls, I began making soy candles as a hobby in 2017. A visit to a candle supply showroom lit a fire in me that has been burning since. I simply loved exploring new fragrances and glassware and then taking them home and testing. The ability of a smell to transport you to another world, be it memories of a person, place, or stage in your life, or to dream of places you'd rather be. For me, I love the warmth and sense of feeling like I'm home. A place where I can relax and unwind, letting the day's activity melt away. Sometimes I just sit and watch as the flame dances in the glass and allow the aroma transport me to a faraway place.

I moved home to Roscommon right before Ireland went into lockdown due to Covid-19. As many of us spend more time in our homes, I felt by sharing my hobby with you, you too can feel the warmth and comfort I feel as I enjoy my creations. I hope you love them as much as I do!